What’s The Best Way to Finish Wood?

Updated 19may2020 +视频:迟早,大多数房主都会促使完成或修补室内木材。这是家庭拥有的一部分。修剪,裸家具,古董,橱柜 - 他们都需要完成,看起来最好。麻烦是,DIY木材整理的结果经常缺乏这种热情的原始视力。沿着这里的四个步骤,你将为生活中的光滑,美丽的室内木材感到自豪。

Finishing Wood Step#1: Start By Sanding


A trio of sanders in my shop. The belt sander (right) is the most aggressive option. The half-sheet sander (middle) is best for intermediate sanding. The 1/4-sheet finishing sander (left) is for almost-final sanding, followed by hand sanding.


Most wood is lighter in colour than people want, and this is why staining is so popular.It’s traditionally applied by wiping on stain first, then wiping off everything that doesn’t soak in. Sealing the surface usually comes later, but not always.


One of my favourite ways to stain is also unique and relatively new.Minwax整理衣服布料擦拭pre-soaked with a type of stain that also include a basic wood sealer. Slip on a glove that comes as part of the package, pull a saturated wipe out of the resealable plastic pouch, then wipe the wood you’re staining. Since the product is thick and gel-like, it’s easy to control how much you put on and how evenly it colours the wood. I’ve used finishing cloths on new wood and they also work well fixing old finishes where stain is worn off in places. Finishing Cloths add a basic layer of protection, but for most things adding a sealing coat is the best thing.

Wood Finishing Step#3: Seal for Protection

Urethane offers the simplest option for adding protection to all interior wood, whether it’s been stained or not, and there are two options to choose from.油基氨基甲酸酯更容易成功使用,因为它们比下落更慢,但下行的是他们不会用水冲洗。您可以使用添加剂减慢水加工氨基甲酸酯的干燥。如果您必须使用WILTACASED FERETHANE,我最喜欢的扩展器称为DYNA FLO Extender。

This stained wood is being sealed with oil-based urethane. Sanding with 220-grit sandpaper after each coat has dried gives a big boost to final smoothness.

Wood Finishing Step#4: Sand Between Coats



Wipe or vacuum the surface, then apply one more coat of sealer for a light duty finish.Two or three more coats are best for interior wood subject to water, dirt or wear. Sand lightly with 220-grit paper after each intermediate coat has dried. Complete the job with one final coat that’s unsanded and and you’ll get a finish you can be proud of. Watch my video of the entire interior finishing process in the video above.

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