HOME IMPROVEMENT Q&A: Vertical or Horizontal for Basement Drywall?


每一个专业drywaller我见过typically installs sheets of drywall horizontally, not vertically.右侧的照片显示了我的意思。这家伙是我的朋友,皮特皮特是他的名字,他是我所知道的最好的干墙之一。除了短墙上,我不认为我曾经看到过皮下挂式干墙。水平方法的一个优点是您可以使用长张干墙,以最小化需要胶带的关节的总长度。除了8英尺的床单外,还通过随处建造供应网点来承载10英尺和12英尺。

只要你可以在楼下的楼层楼下进入你正在进行的地下室,你也可以利用它们。除了产生更少的关节之外,关节长度的更多跑步脚将偏离地面四英尺 - 在石膏和关节胶带中覆盖最简单的高度。

Another advantage to horizontal installation is visual.For reasons that aren’t obvious, flaws in horizontal joints are more difficult to see than those in vertical joints.Another issue to consider is soundproofing your ceiling. I’ve written about this before and it’s especially important in a basement. By anchoring the ceiling drywall to strips of metal called ‘resilient channel’ (instead of to the ceiling joists directly), you’ll greatly enhance the sound resistance of the installation. Resilient channel isn’t expensive and it’s easy to install. Simply run it every 16 inches across your ceiling, anchored by screws driven into the joists, beginning near the outside walls. The drywall is secured with screws driven into the resilient channel only, not into the joists.

You might find it interesting to know that drywall is used in places where you wouldn’t immediately think of the stuff.意大利威尼斯是一种案例。我在2012年将照片拍到了左边,因为一个“工作船”拉到了装修的威尼斯家。它认为承包商将使用船只而不是带有运河而不是道路的城市中的拾取卡车。但就是一样的,在你不习惯的时候看到在公猪中发生的工作是相当突触的。您可以在船的甲板上看到干墙碎片。

没有关于水分和模具的警告,没有关于地下室干墙的讨论。Even today many basements are finished in ways that promote mold and poor indoor air quality by using wood frame walls, fibre insulation and vapour barriers below grade. The problem stems from the fact that even though the basement environment is very different than above-ground spaces, most basements are not finished differently. The video below shows one basement finishing alternative that eliminates the tendency to grow mold.


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